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Whatcha listening too? - Maggie - 10-10-2017

What is playing on your iPod/cd player/radio ect?

It has been Tom Petty Greatest Hits for that past week.

RIP Tom Petty

RE: Whatcha listening too? - Steven - 10-12-2017

Been on a Die Antwoord kick for awhile ..... Yolandi and Ninja are a trip, check them out!
The intro is a bit long but worth it.

RE: Whatcha listening too? - am-fs - 10-12-2017

Hell Yeah .............. Steven, Die Antwoord is the shit.
I have been a DA fan for a long time, even seen them live and they were great, they put on a great show.

I been listening to Apathy lately
Check them out.

RE: Whatcha listening too? - Steven - 10-16-2017

Not bad am-fs Cool