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Forum Rules - admin - 09-15-2017

The Arcade Network is here to help you with your Arcade website.

We just have a few simple rules to follow...

    Promote your off-topic offers only in your profile, signature or the forum dedicated to that offer.
    On-topic offers also have dedicated forums in the Marketplace.
    Just keep talk relevant to the forum and thread you are posting in.
    Please note that some forums may have additional guidelines.
    Please do not spam the forum with the same topics over and over.
    We only allow one account per person.
    Do Not spam our members with your advertisements via PMs.

RE: Forum Rules - fredoman - 10-06-2017

I'll take note of this. Thank you.

RE: Forum Rules - behappie - 10-06-2017

I have understand and have noted theses rules. I will comply.