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Combat Strike Multiplayer - AngryGamez - 03-26-2018

I am creator of Combat Strike. I updated my game. New Battle Royal map, menu design changed and fixed some bugs.

[Image: CombatSTRIKEICONN512.png]

Its REAL MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME you create your team and play with your friends Blue and Red team if you want solo deathmatch mode is ready for you .you kill critical strike damage to enemies.wewill add portable chat button and improve game You must get hit for your revenge when you are dead.

W A S D Movement
Left Click Mouse  Fire
T Button Chat
Reloaded R

Embed Code:
<iframe src="" width="960" height="650" scrolling="no" frameborder=0></iframe>

RE: Combat Strike Multiplayer - StewartMorrisonv - 06-30-2020

Combat strike? That's fun!

RE: Combat Strike Multiplayer - nisayvx - 06-30-2020

Combat Strike? It sounds like Counter-Strike but I see that it's a special version for the mobile devices. However, I prefer more to play in the desktop version of this game and I mean Counter Strike Global Offensive. I really like this game, cause I'm feeling good when I'm playing in this game with people that don't even know me since they are living in the other point of our planet. Sometimes this game gives me a passion in order to raise the profile rank, but I noticed that it's kinda difficult to raise the profile rank. However, there is a service that can do the work pretty quickly  and not expensive in order to raise the profile rank. Actually, I'm thinking that a desktop version would always be better than the mobile version, because u can play in any game using only one device..